Saturday 8th and Easter Sunday 9th April 2023

The Paris International Cup is held over two days. Each age group tournament will have both group matches and finals matches. Following the group matches, depending on your results, your team will then play in either the International Cup Play Offs and Finals or the Shield Competition or Plate Competition Play Offs and Finals.

At the conclusion of the tournament, we will hold the Awards Ceremony, when all teams will be presented with their tournament trophy and all players will receive their commemorative medal and tournament certificate. The overall winners in each age group will also receive The Paris International Cup Winners Trophy.

Boys Age Groups

Age Group Tournament Format Born on or after Born before
Under 7 5-a-side 1 Sept 2015 1 Sept 2017
Under 8 5-a-side 1 Sept 2014 1 Sept 2016
Under 9 7-a-side 1 Sept 2013 1 Sept 2015
Under 10 7-a-side 1 Sept 2012 1 Sept 2014
Under 11 7-a-side 1 Sept 2011 1 Sept 2013
Under 12 11-a-side 1 Sept 2010 1 Sept 2012
Under 13 11-a-side 1 Sept 2009 1 Sept 2011
Under 14 11-a-side 1 Sept 2008 1 Sept 2010

Mixed teams are welcome to enter the Boys tournaments.

Girls Age Groups

Age Group Tournament Format Born on or after Born before
Under 10 7-a-side 1 Sept 2012 1 Sept 2014
Under 12 7-a-side 1 Sept 2010 1 Sept 2012
Under 14 7-a-side 1 Sept 2008 1 Sept 2010

Special Dispensation

French Football Federation age groups are organised from 1st January – 31st December, however we have received special dispensation for teams from National Associations who employ different group qualification dates (i.e. from 1st September as per the English FA) that their domestic age levels will be accepted. This means that teams will participate in the age group that they play during the 2022/2023 season.

Squad Sizes and Playing Times

Format Maximum squad size Tournament playing time
5-a-side 10 players minimum 120 minutes match time
7-a-side 14 players minimum 180 minutes match time
11-a-side 20 players minimum 240 minutes match time
Heading for goal


The Paris International Cup is held at the superb facilities at CS Meaux and USF Trilport football clubs. Both clubs are located within easy travel distance of the accommodation, Paris and Disneyland Paris.  As well as having the highest standards of pitches, they also offer great hospitality and facilities, including on-site catering and grandstand seating.

The pitches at both clubs are a combination of both high quality natural grass and the latest generation artificial grass pitches. In addition, the pitch sizes are likely to be larger than your teams are used to playing on in the UK, ensuring the players really will enjoy their time playing in the tournament.

On both Saturday and Sunday, you will spend around 5-6 hours at the pitches playing your tournament matches, meaning that on both days you will also have free time when you can choose to enjoy the facilities at your accommodation or watch the action at the pitches or even fit in some sightseeing.

Tournament Schedule, Rules and Live Results Website

All matches are officiated by FA or FFF qualified referees and full tournament management and support is provided by our event staff and Tournament Director. In addition, medical first aid services will be on-site at the pitches throughout the tournament.

The tournament match schedule and rules will be issued 4 weeks prior to the tournament in your Tournament Final Briefing Pack. During the tournament, you will then be able to follow the tournament results and your team’s progress through our live tournament fixtures and results website.

Team coming out of tunnel
Aerial photo of the football pitch
Celebrating team